July 5, 2010

future museum!

So many presents have turned into prehistoric,historic,found inside museum,outside museum [hearts not included].here is one such encounter:
 Songs n singing,
 like the blowing dust,
 i have left behind.
 Sandy thirst has created mirage.
 Under my emotions,
 with the unstable legs
  i have been walking on.
 It was-
 until i collided against
 a door,
 that was a museum's.
 it opened thrashly with an
 ingrating sound
 as unwilling to welcome my
 desperate incoming,
 i thrust myself in anyhow,
 licking my dry lips
 as watering hope against hope,
 not to expel from heart-
 the aim of my search,
 caught my glances
 a showcase.To my surprise,
preserved, it was having: