November 5, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-4: "Introspection"

A self explanatory picture article for introspection of we all :

             I found a request from Railways at its one of stations,prominently displayed,and,what happens at the same station & a coach ! These scenes are of the same day & within a few hours.
             Our Prime Minister has started a national movement for a Clean India.Will we not contribute?


      Are we immune to such requests?
     Simply throw trash in dustbin and,lo,clean without cleaning becomes true!

October 8, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-3: "Know Your Attitude"

 Hi friends,

                 Much said about clean environment movement,which was started on 2nd Oct. 2014 our PM,but many of us cared as much as what is displayed here in pics.These pics were taken after 24 hours on 3rd Oct.These belong to two ATMs of two different prominent Banks located in posh localities.   
                A clean and healthy environment needs several measures and steps to be adopted at different levels of Government as well as public.One of them is a very small factor on the part of critic public,yet very important.What is that? No not expensive or something from Mars! Very simple....just know your attitude about throwing torn papers or garbage in your sweet home or school or office or on roads or ATMs or any public place. 
                                               Analyze your habits as what you tempt to do as soon as you tear a paper or when are required to throw a garbage.What do you find? Is your analysis about your own habit or attitude matches with the accompanying pics?If so,then you do two things :
1.Stop criticising Government and others on this issue.Because you are yet not qualified to do so.
2.Start correcting your habit and attitude immediately.
                                           I have been posting this series believing we all not only understand the importance of hygiene,cleanliness,healthy environment etc.but want them too.

Just throw garbage at its right place and it becomes "Clean Without Cleaning"!

October 2, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-2: "Beyond Home Too"

Hi folks,

        "स्वच्छ भारत"-campaign is gearing up from 2nd Oct.2014 on the occasion of birth day of Mahatma Gandhi.There are lot of publicity,propaganda,support,criticism and so on about it.But one thing is sure we all want a clean back & front of our homes because inside we take so many precautions and make expenses to keep internal environment clean and healthy.
           In morning sitting on dining table,sipping tea read news paper.Suddenly we come across a few  advertising leaflets amidst pages.We tear it but do we throw it on the floor? No.We carefully manage to send torn pieces or other garbage to dustbin...Because we are very conscious about cleanliness in our house.Quite appreciable.Also we are aware that the maid/servant/sweeper will come once a day at a particular time only.Hence if we are not careful,we may have to cut a sorry figure before our visitors and guests.
            But once we step outside home,we tend to forget or ignore the same fine principles.Though our responsibility towards clean roads and environment extends to our fellow citizens,country guests and society.So for the purpose as an individual,are we required to make huge arrangements and big expenses?...NO!
             As an individual,simply follow the same principles you maintained in your sweet home!
If you see someone throw a bottle from one's car,then instead of cursing him,decide what you will do in a similar situation.

September 30, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-1

         Mr.Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India , wants India to be a "Swachh Bharat".No one, in his senses,  will oppose it.Most of us may prefer to contribute to such a great cause.But many of us will not even like to touch a broom.
         But if we believe in the concept of "Swachh Bharat" and  importance of clean environment, we should come forward to make it true. Minimum we can do is-----

Inside an ATM room.

Simply follow the principle of "Clean without Cleaning"and throw garbage at specified place.

September 17, 2014

यह कैसा भटकाव...

There are times when we are lost in our own world of fantasies.But the cruel reality dose not excuse any one...opens our eyes hard way!

            "बियावान वन में
                      दिन भर
                      तुम्हे मैंने पुकारा,
                                  संध्या की भूमिका बाँध
                                  निविड़ रात्रि आई. 

                      तब मैंने जाना
                      मेरी पुकार
                      मात्र अरण्य-रोदन थी!
                                     तुम तो पहले ही
                                     वांछित मार्ग पाकर
                                     वन के बाहर
                                    जा चुकी थी.

                      एक पगडण्डी पर

                      तुम्हारे केशों से गिरे
                      चंद मुरझाये फूल
                      मैंने पाये!"

  [बियावान:wild dense, निविड़ रात्रि:very dark night, अरण्य रोदन:weeping,howling in a lone forest]

[English translation: Wondering in the dense wild forest i kept on looking for n calling you throughout the day .Then fell the evening,followed by darkest night.Suddenly i was enlightened, my search for you was just futile,my calls were like a howling in the lone forest!
I realized lately you had found already a path suiting to yourself and had left the wild forest.
My eyes caught a few torrid dry flowers fallen from your hair strands on a lane.]

September 12, 2014


So i am back,can not resist to stay here,a miraculous world of blogging netizens!! Looking forward to meet dear fellows:

" तर्क वितर्क 
थक कर हो गए मौन.
हे मन अब तू ही बता 
क्या हुआ जाता है मुझे,

क्यों खुशियों से विमुख?
भ्रमित सी इच्छायें 
कहाँ भटकती हैं ?
              क्या रंग है उस 
              नदी के जल का 
              मेरे अंतर में जो निरंतर 
              नाद करती हुई बह रही है,
              और,हर पल 
              मेरे अस्तित्व को निरंतर 
              घिस घस कर
              रेत  में परिवर्तित करती जाती है !
उफ़ !
एक दीर्घ नि:श्वास 
"सी ब्रीज़" सा 
उमसता हुआ,मुझे 
सांत्वना दे पाने में असमर्थ 
मेरे आस पास के वातावरण से  
जूझने लगता है;
                प्रश्नों का ड्रैगन 
                आग उगलता हुआ 
                मुझे झुलसाने को तत्पर,और,
                मेरी सीली हुई आँखों में 
                धुंधलाती जा रहीदुनिया,
                ऐसे में ऐ मेरे मन 
               तू भी क्यों मौन? "

January 25, 2014

Flower Exhibition At Botanical Garden,Lucknow

Viewers enjoying
A display in exhibition: ram jharokhe baith ke sabka mujra le!

         At Lucknow,the capital city of Uttar Pradesh,an exhibition of flowers is held in this month of January by Botanical Garden.Individuals,institutions and corporates participate in it with their flowery products.Awards are presented to outstanding products.In addition this exhibition becomes a great picnic spot for young,children and old,male and female.This is worth viewing.
       Here is a humble presentation of the same,held on 19th Jan.,2014.

Variety of Flowers

King is King!
More varieties of roses

Petonia & verbina

Smiling King!
Energizing themselves in between!

A pot can not hold beauty of Gladiolus 'Suverna'
A Family Of Kings!
Eye catching Gladiolus
Gladiolus decorating the chains
Innumerable varieties of Roses
In company of flowers & fountain!
Sun Rays Breaching Clouds to Meet Green
Variety Of Pots for use in Gardening
Sasural 'Genda' Phool!
Exhibition as well as Picnic
Another Variety of Mint
Gladiolus Que Up to Lure the Visitors
Rose Rose Everywhere
Time to say Adieu

January 18, 2014

My Expression

          I was just going through my diary of college life.I found following lines which i could not resist to share with fellow bloggers and friends at large.It is not easy to express love before your friend.So many emotions come to fore simultaneously that you fail miserably.Sometimes it becomes a question even whether there is love or not!

"    यही तो मेरी विवशता है
     कि मैं तुम्हे ठीक से
    प्यार नहीं कर पाता,या,
    चुप-छुप प्यार करता हूँ.
                    छाँव की ओट में
                   धूप से छुपता हूँ,
    और,तुम्हारे निकट छाये
    समूचे सन्नाटे को
    शब्द देना चाहता हूँ"

[English translation:
                             I am at height of helplessness that i can not even express my love,or,love her surreptitiously.I helplessly duck under shadow failing to meet the gaze of the Sun,but determined to give a name to the cloud of loneliness fogged around her.]

January 16, 2014


"प्यार की खोज में 
मरुस्थल का पता
साथ लिए 
निकला हूँ मैं।
राह की  
मृगतृष्णा की  सरायों में
मेरी गठरी के लिए 
मुट्ठी भर रेत  
मिल ही जाती है,  मैं 
सम्हाल कर समेट लेता हूँ,
कहीं  चैन से बैठकर 
छलनी से छानूँगा।
पूछो क्यों?
मैं जानता हूँ 
इस रेत में ही कहीं 
प्यार छुपा होगा!"

[translation: i am wandering in search of love but with address of the dessert.
                      On the way,in the inns of mirage i get handful of sand now & then for me yet i
                            stuff it with care in my bag.Somewhere when at peace,i will percolate it with filter.
Ask why?
            I know that the mighty love will be hidden somewhere within the sand!]