July 23, 2011

how i feel now...

Now that i have returned to this spot,i am experiencing a new pleasure.Again i am face to face to my blog posts and fellow bloggers.So.........

   "lights flicker
   at the sight of you.
   Swimming in the
   great light
   the birds,the hearts.
   Vacuum of silence bursts,
   crawl in.
   We two sitting
   at the shore of a lovely evening,
   far,evaporating distance
   bringing us closure
   moment by moment.
   I have told you,
   you have told me,
   now,the world knows
   love each other

   and,are no more distinct TWO..."


  1. That's awesome compilation. There's a spark of light when the two become one.

  2. very right sir.the spark of light in our heart directs us.