July 25, 2010

Sequel to previous tit bit

Adolescent love is developed quite easily, and, it breaks with the same easiness, of course, not all the time!

   हम और तुम
  साथ ही  चल रहे थे,
  जाने कब हमारा साथ
  धूप-छांव  बन गया!
  हाथ उठा कर
  तुम्हे छु  लेने का दंभ*
  रेत बन कर
  हाथ से फिसलने लगा!!

[*proud ]

hindi tit bits continued !

I have tried to reflect tender love and breaks of adolescent age in following lines:

  नर्म  सोंधी सी निर्दोष
 मिटटी पर खिला
 एक कोमल अंकुर-
 मेरा प्यार.
 धुप कुछ तेज खिल गयी,
 वो घबरा गयी,
 चली गयी.
 जमीन कड़ी हो
 चटक गयी,और
 अंकुर मुरझा गया.

July 19, 2010

My Hindi tit bits-2

So here is another naughty kid....

 नन्ही   मुन्नी
   रखे  चंचंलता  से  दांत  काटी  रोटी;
 बड़े  बूढों  की  डांट फटकार
   चोटि  मैं
   रीबन  की  तरह  बांध
   सर झटक कर
   पीछे फेक देती है,और,
 आँखों मैं रंग बिरंगे गुलाल लिए
    ओंठो  पर
    हास्य के ढेर से सुर,
    फिर उन्ही की गोद भर देती है,
 ऐसी चंचल है मुन्नी ,
    मेरी नन्ही मुन्नी

My Hindi tit bits

Inspired by a blogger's poem/translation about young students how they react after their schools are opened, my attention is gone to children's behaviour how they annoy elders and how promptly they devise to make them smile!So here is one case------

   " मम्मी की तेज आंखे!
      और मैं सहम कर
       बस इतना ही करती हूँ..
    अपनी कॉपी पर
     मम्मी की मूरत बना
      माथे पर
      एक नन्ही बिंदी रख देती हूँ;
 और बस
  मम्मी की आँखों मैं
   अनगिनत गेसू  खिल उठते  है
 बाहें  उठती  हैं और
  हमारा प्यार
   इन्द्रधनुषी हो उठता  हैं"

July 5, 2010

future museum!

So many presents have turned into prehistoric,historic,found inside museum,outside museum [hearts not included].here is one such encounter:
 Songs n singing,
 like the blowing dust,
 i have left behind.
 Sandy thirst has created mirage.
 Under my emotions,
 with the unstable legs
  i have been walking on.
 It was-
 until i collided against
 a door,
 that was a museum's.
 it opened thrashly with an
 ingrating sound
 as unwilling to welcome my
 desperate incoming,
 i thrust myself in anyhow,
 licking my dry lips
 as watering hope against hope,
 not to expel from heart-
 the aim of my search,
 caught my glances
 a showcase.To my surprise,
preserved, it was having:

June 23, 2010

nostalgia diary-next page!

With the efflorescence of the Sun,
the soft Sun rays
rush me into a muse,
and ,i experience
soothing my face
my beloved`s fervorous breaths.
Comes to me,memory of the moment
when i first kissed thou.
Amusing to recollect
warmth of my kiss was
ovated by the tender lips,
and,on my shoulders
the touch of your hands
screamed for an encore,
Far seeing the blue waters
catching his reflection
The Sun smiled!!

June 14, 2010

nostalgia diary

I wonder if my poetic creativity is fading, so i opened my nostalgia diary! Here is a piece to feed-
I walk with my eyes
and emotions,
set forth on the horizon,
because, o my love!
i know- thou shalt meet me
across the horizon- the will-o-the wisp
but, silver linings of the dark clouds
inspire me walking
towards our Rendezvous.

bye now,

June 13, 2010

wasted talent

recently i came across a young fellow who had married 1 year back with a girl with b.tech degree and working in a firm.i asked him about their wellness and her career. a shocking reply hit me.he told his wife was not required to work any more as his earning was sufficient for both of them!
i also came to know that his wife was willing to pursue her career.but was my shock justified? may be his wife joined b.tech after much effort,completed it with hard study,heavy expenses,but so what? his husband's income is sufficient! she simply cud have studied b.a. or b.sc. or b.com or m.a. or so.so it was her option.now should she make a complaint about not getting permission to do service or not being provided any effective alternative? does she have a right to do service after marriage?
i also wondered whether she was even required to seek permission from husband or in laws or here own parents?
now i let others to strain their brain!

June 7, 2010


hi friends,
i am getting aged.my birth day fell on 7th june.a friend was curious why i was so enthusiastic about this day at this age.i was stuck.i am not any celebrity,not any shotgun or big shot,no politician, no bureaucrat.then is birthday celebration for these only or children or young people? or a fun for parents of young ones?
i kept on thinking but was yet not discouraged.i had to take a decision.a few days prior to birthday, my wife insisted me to be at home.on the previous eve,she took me to market and bought some gifts out of her savings with appealing emotions.in the night at 12am, my daughter and son called me on mobiles from their respective cities and wished me for my long life!daughter had to keep herself awake to that odd hour!son was busy in exam studies yet he remembered and wished me in middle of his studies.
in morning my mother at the age of 85years phoned me and gave ashirwad. god knows how she could manage to remember it! then brothers sister started the process.in between friends followed.on bday itself my kids sent great edibles by courier. my wife was so particular about my likings in foods etc.she took me to lunchout!!
by afternoon i had got all my answers! i had not to take
any fresh decision!

June 6, 2010

my entry in blog

we r entering today ie 06.06.2010 in blog sphere with following little creation........
recently one evening, while crossing GANGA PUL at holy city VARANASI,some thought crossed me{vp}........
"a tired sun wid gloomy smile,dismayed at gloomy reflection in GANGES,moves to celestial bed!
tells me come nxt morning to GANGA ghat, a bright SUN n hope wud be wishing me!!" so to share that SUN n HOPE wid all at large, i and my better half have dared launch this blog! wish us!!