June 13, 2010

wasted talent

recently i came across a young fellow who had married 1 year back with a girl with b.tech degree and working in a firm.i asked him about their wellness and her career. a shocking reply hit me.he told his wife was not required to work any more as his earning was sufficient for both of them!
i also came to know that his wife was willing to pursue her career.but was my shock justified? may be his wife joined b.tech after much effort,completed it with hard study,heavy expenses,but so what? his husband's income is sufficient! she simply cud have studied b.a. or b.sc. or b.com or m.a. or so.so it was her option.now should she make a complaint about not getting permission to do service or not being provided any effective alternative? does she have a right to do service after marriage?
i also wondered whether she was even required to seek permission from husband or in laws or here own parents?
now i let others to strain their brain!


  1. I have seen these quite often here in Hyderabad as well...And with some people at higher stages in their career as well...The problem is working is connected to only earning money, when clearly thats not the case.Valid point raised and of course nobody's permission is required when it comes to whether one should work or not.

  2. How true a point have you raised here..it is so sad that there are still numerous such incidents and stories esp. in India when on the other hand we say that men and women are at par and society outlook is evolving!
    My answer,to the question raised here,stands to be a firm NO...after all those years of expensive schooling...state of the start Engineering and top of the line Management Studies...i wonder if i'll have the patience for someone else to decide for my career or life direction. It is true that, support and suggestions are always welcome, because they help in building an optimal premise for a decision.
    I wait for the day when women don't hesitate to take a stand for theirselves.

  3. gud to see...
    i m wid u...
    its our duty to let women help in india's growth...