June 6, 2010

my entry in blog

we r entering today ie 06.06.2010 in blog sphere with following little creation........
recently one evening, while crossing GANGA PUL at holy city VARANASI,some thought crossed me{vp}........
"a tired sun wid gloomy smile,dismayed at gloomy reflection in GANGES,moves to celestial bed!
tells me come nxt morning to GANGA ghat, a bright SUN n hope wud be wishing me!!" so to share that SUN n HOPE wid all at large, i and my better half have dared launch this blog! wish us!!


  1. Hi Dad!!

    Awesome to see you with your own blog!!!

    Nice lines!

    I have subscribed to it...so will keep getting updates whenever you add another post on this Blog!!
    Great Going!!

  2. Hello Uncle..

    Welcome to the blogosphere !!

    You are also a poet..Wow !!

    Must agree with Vartika ..Great lines..

    Looking forward to see more of you and Aunty..

    Btw i know Samvart and Vartika..Who is the third child - Bright? (Just kidding).

    Check out my blog too:



  3. rahul;vartika...."ah thanks for inspiring us.bright is really third one,invisible but can be perceived in 1st two!!!he he"

  4. i really loved dis creation of urs...
    its marvellous...
    plz gv sm tips...

  5. sir,

    how are you ? miss you all a lot, the night without lights and the rains cannot be forgoten.

    take care will keep in touch with this blog,