January 25, 2014

Flower Exhibition At Botanical Garden,Lucknow

Viewers enjoying
A display in exhibition: ram jharokhe baith ke sabka mujra le!

         At Lucknow,the capital city of Uttar Pradesh,an exhibition of flowers is held in this month of January by Botanical Garden.Individuals,institutions and corporates participate in it with their flowery products.Awards are presented to outstanding products.In addition this exhibition becomes a great picnic spot for young,children and old,male and female.This is worth viewing.
       Here is a humble presentation of the same,held on 19th Jan.,2014.

Variety of Flowers

King is King!
More varieties of roses

Petonia & verbina

Smiling King!
Energizing themselves in between!

A pot can not hold beauty of Gladiolus 'Suverna'
A Family Of Kings!
Eye catching Gladiolus
Gladiolus decorating the chains
Innumerable varieties of Roses
In company of flowers & fountain!
Sun Rays Breaching Clouds to Meet Green
Variety Of Pots for use in Gardening
Sasural 'Genda' Phool!
Exhibition as well as Picnic
Another Variety of Mint
Gladiolus Que Up to Lure the Visitors
Rose Rose Everywhere
Time to say Adieu


  1. Nice to to be able to visit through this beautiful flower exhibition! Thanks for sharing the pics and the taking us through the fun part of the display!��