October 8, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-3: "Know Your Attitude"

 Hi friends,

                 Much said about clean environment movement,which was started on 2nd Oct. 2014 our PM,but many of us cared as much as what is displayed here in pics.These pics were taken after 24 hours on 3rd Oct.These belong to two ATMs of two different prominent Banks located in posh localities.   
                A clean and healthy environment needs several measures and steps to be adopted at different levels of Government as well as public.One of them is a very small factor on the part of critic public,yet very important.What is that? No not expensive or something from Mars! Very simple....just know your attitude about throwing torn papers or garbage in your sweet home or school or office or on roads or ATMs or any public place. 
                                               Analyze your habits as what you tempt to do as soon as you tear a paper or when are required to throw a garbage.What do you find? Is your analysis about your own habit or attitude matches with the accompanying pics?If so,then you do two things :
1.Stop criticising Government and others on this issue.Because you are yet not qualified to do so.
2.Start correcting your habit and attitude immediately.
                                           I have been posting this series believing we all not only understand the importance of hygiene,cleanliness,healthy environment etc.but want them too.

Just throw garbage at its right place and it becomes "Clean Without Cleaning"!


  1. I think if you go take pictures today after almost a week since this campaign kicked off,you are bound to find same amount of trash lying around! It's sad and even worse is the attitude of the people around us!well,hoping for the best and the change!

  2. Attitude of Indian people will never change..:-( the most surprising thing is that, the same people never ever do this when they are abroad... !