November 5, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-4: "Introspection"

A self explanatory picture article for introspection of we all :

             I found a request from Railways at its one of stations,prominently displayed,and,what happens at the same station & a coach ! These scenes are of the same day & within a few hours.
             Our Prime Minister has started a national movement for a Clean India.Will we not contribute?


      Are we immune to such requests?
     Simply throw trash in dustbin and,lo,clean without cleaning becomes true!


  1. Yeah right... nothing will change till WE change ...

  2. A definitive need of the hour that a common Indian should realize, identify with and follow to make this initiative a reality. Else we will just continue to rely on "others" to do this!

  3. A very telling set of pictures Vijai, Thanks for voting my blogTHE PICTURES OF FB