November 5, 2014

"स्वच्छ भारत"--"Clean Without Cleaning"-4: "Introspection"

A self explanatory picture article for introspection of we all :

             I found a request from Railways at its one of stations,prominently displayed,and,what happens at the same station & a coach ! These scenes are of the same day & within a few hours.
             Our Prime Minister has started a national movement for a Clean India.Will we not contribute?


      Are we immune to such requests?
     Simply throw trash in dustbin and,lo,clean without cleaning becomes true!


  1. A very timely and inspiring post!

  2. Yeah right... nothing will change till WE change ...

  3. A definitive need of the hour that a common Indian should realize, identify with and follow to make this initiative a reality. Else we will just continue to rely on "others" to do this!

  4. A very telling set of pictures Vijai, Thanks for voting my blogTHE PICTURES OF FB