September 17, 2014

यह कैसा भटकाव...

There are times when we are lost in our own world of fantasies.But the cruel reality dose not excuse any one...opens our eyes hard way!

            "बियावान वन में
                      दिन भर
                      तुम्हे मैंने पुकारा,
                                  संध्या की भूमिका बाँध
                                  निविड़ रात्रि आई. 

                      तब मैंने जाना
                      मेरी पुकार
                      मात्र अरण्य-रोदन थी!
                                     तुम तो पहले ही
                                     वांछित मार्ग पाकर
                                     वन के बाहर
                                    जा चुकी थी.

                      एक पगडण्डी पर

                      तुम्हारे केशों से गिरे
                      चंद मुरझाये फूल
                      मैंने पाये!"

  [बियावान:wild dense, निविड़ रात्रि:very dark night, अरण्य रोदन:weeping,howling in a lone forest]

[English translation: Wondering in the dense wild forest i kept on looking for n calling you throughout the day .Then fell the evening,followed by darkest night.Suddenly i was enlightened, my search for you was just futile,my calls were like a howling in the lone forest!
I realized lately you had found already a path suiting to yourself and had left the wild forest.
My eyes caught a few torrid dry flowers fallen from your hair strands on a lane.]