November 24, 2013

A night torn into past !

                  In this life,we part,depart,mostly with sadness.The only candle,
which lights up our hope,is that there will be reunion!                                  

                                                   "The train penetrating into darkness
but moving towards,or,from destination!
I wonder.

With the surroundings
marching fast towards you,
I intimately feel,still,
                                                      the shivering of two lips of thou,
                                                      which scarcely could say---
                                                      G'bye to me!
                                                     when we parted.

Throughout journey,i
have been haunted
by those two sentimental and teary

eyes of thou,
silent and vociferating
at their top---
don't go!don't go!don't go!
 How humiliating!

I am going through
a cruel night,whose
laugh deepens,when
lovers suffer separation,
absorbs all the colors
 giving blindness to
all the hopes.

Roars in my heart
a sea of pain.

                                                  My eyes stick with the Sun
emerging out of night,
with the shining
only your eyes reflect
whenever we meet.

O my love!
The effervescing morning
whispers in my ears-
You two would meet again
                                                                           and soon"

I observe with relaxed
The night was tearing into
remote past!"


  1. "The effervescing morning
    whispers in my ears-"

    nice choice of words..

    1. Hi Maniparna Ji,Thanks for comment.It was not a 'choice' of words but by default!

  2. Nice flow of feelings in the words.

    1. Thanks.Your observations encourage me.You are right it is "flow of feelings",free & natural.

  3. So beautifully you've bought the pain of separation and urge of longing out through your words, many thanks for taking me to a different world.