December 30, 2013

Oh God,Thou Are Greatest Chancellor !!

With respect and love,i dedicate the following lines to young students struggling for exams!
"Exams are ahead
all the activities reducing to
monotonous study.
From inside,i have bolted,
doors of my little room,
and i find four corners of it
as my only companions
[but boring ones!].
Clean and touched books
frown on me-how
I dare touch them?
i-I toss ignorance on their frown.
Sitting on a chair,firmly,i am.
An unfriendly and soundless
get-together of we two starts!

I have thrust my fingers

in my each ear to any
outside invitation.Alas!but
precautions are no bar to
anxiety,vociferating and diving
between mind and heart!!

Oh God,though late,yet
I believe you are there,
Greatest Chancellor you are!
May your mercy give me
the power,in every paper,
to guess precisely those questions!"


  1. Lol!hilarious how Exams trigger anxiety attacks and bring us closer to God!������

  2. Only God knows how much struggling those days after a year of masti each day and thoughts for studying next day...and the day comes when everyone says "kaash pad liya hota..":-(

  3. Oh God, that looks like me studying just a day before exams ;)

  4. Jyotsna,be aware the poems may be real life stories!